Pottery in the History of Tunisia
Descriptions of the production process
Jars Antique Amphoras for home and garden decoration
reproduction of moorish decoration
Hand made pottery with modern design
Vase Decorated with flowers in relief
Pottery decorated with silver wire
Hand mad paintings on the wood
Wooden mirrors covred with decorated layer of resin
Handpainted Wooden Tea Tray
 Terra Cotta

  For your garden, hall, balcony decoration we propose large-sized jars of clay, romain amphoras and large vases. This traditional terra cotta, inspired from the antique pottery, is made in the south tradition of excellence.
NB : the large pieces whose Height is greater than 60 cm and/or diameter is larger than 35 cm are delivred only by air freight or truck. .

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188 Euro
80 Euro
Antonios Zir
132 Euro
ali baba jar
188 Euro
2E Bettia
140 Euro
ombrella Pot A
128 Euro
Rio Jar A
530 Euro
Perforated Jar
530 Euro
Izis Jar A
90 Euro
Curled Antonios Zir
44 Euro
4E Jar
162 Euro
Casa jar
220 Euro
DJ Jar
176 Euro
Jar Barbecue Pizza Oven Brasero heating Garden
360 Euro
Large Bettia
480 Euro
Berber Fountain
282 Euro
Jimba Jar
200 Euro
egyptian Quinty
248 Euro
Moque Jar
615 Euro
175 Euro
232 Euro
Nifsy Jar
97 Euro
Douh Jar
138 Euro
Yones Vase
279 Euro
123 Euro
Zir A
35 Euro
Large Golla
220 Euro
Bittia jar
220 Euro
Jupiter Jar
315 Euro
Sefry Jar
88 Euro
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